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Bringing along young horses with calm, kind, consistent fundamentals

Laurie has over 20 of years experience training horses with a specialization in, and particular love of Thoroughbreds. Whether your horse is off-the-track, or has never seen a race track, Laurie can create a balanced, responsive and willing horse.  With extensive experience in training both dressage and jumping, Laurie can hone your horse's skills on the flat and over fences by creating, and building upon, the fundamentals.

Laurie approaches training with a firm, yet always kind hand.  Rather than forcing her will upon the horse, Laurie builds a partnership with her mounts.  She uses her intuitive sense to listen to what the horse is saying through its movements, attitude and reaction, then communicates only as loudly as necessary to get the desired result.  As her clients have noted, horses want to work for Laurie. Additionally, Laurie tailors her training to the horse's needs and personality.  If one technique does not have the desired effect, Laurie draws upon her extensive experience to find something that works for that particular horse.

Under Laurie's capable hand horses develop at their own pace, with what is best for the horse always first and foremost on the training agenda. 

Below are just a couple of the Thoroughbreds that Laurie has trained, from young and green to solid jumping and elegant dressage horses. ___________________________________________________________________________

Beaujet (with Laurie in photos)

Laurie took Beaujet from breaking to the starting gate, from races to jumping and all the way up to 4th level dressage. He is an excellent testament to her complete and effective training of young horses.

A lifelong friend, Beaujet is now retired and lives at Laurie's home. 
Reconciliation aka "Reco" (with Jennifer Trimble in photos)

Laurie bought Reco as a three-year-old from a breeding farm in 2001. She lovingly broke him into saddle and bridle, and did all of his basic dressage and jumping schooling. The sunny, happy-go-lucky (and gorgeous!) 16.3H thoroughbred met his match in Jen Trimble, who bought him from Laurie in 2003. Together, Laurie, Jen, and Reco have continued working on Reco's (and Jen's) dressage and jumping education.

"Laurie took a project horse, Reco, from a goofy, green three-year-old (as she acquired him) to one of the most calm and elegant horses I've ridden."

~Barbara Barath, client

How Perfect aka "Howie" (with Tanya and Laurie in photos)

Tanya bought Howie as a two-and-a-half year old from Laurie's sister-in-law in October 2007. The new baby of the family made a big impression with his mischievious sense of humor, willingness to learn, and, well, ability to eat and grow and get his nose stuck in things. Laurie and Tanya are starting Howie with the dressage basics, field trips, and lots of trail rides, laying a solid foundation for the remarkable horse he is going to become.