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Laurie in the Press

"The testimonials for Scott's behalf are beyond just complimenting Scott as a horsewoman. The lessons she is teaching her students translate well to many areas of life, not the least of which being parenting of children (the two-legged variety). Her reputation is such that she is now in demand by corporations wishing to hire her as a motivational speaker.

An aside: I spoke with her by phone recently, and found her to be a charming and humble person, which was quite impressive considering the acclaim that is being showered upon her of late."

~Jan O'Farrill, Editor of Ride! Magazine


"I would say that [Laurie] has brought into my life a sense of accomplishment, a lightheartedness, and a sense of joy."

~Indira Palmatier, client

Quoted from the article, "Horse sense", SF Chronicle


"Laurie Scott: Teaching more than how to stay in the saddle"

By Carla Befara Published in Ride! Magazine December 2001

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"Horse sense" (featuring Laurie Scott)

By Heather Knight Published in the San Francisco Chronicle October 2001

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"I eventually learned to notice just what that errant leg or twisted wrist was doing...

I slowly began to get the message: Figure out what you are 'telling' the horse, and start listening more carefully to what it is telling you."

~Carla Befara, client

Quoted from her article, "Laurie Scott: Teaching more than how to stay in the saddle", Ride! Magazine