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Using innovative techniques to develop confident riders who are balanced, effective, and able to form a positive partnership with their horses

In addition to bringing along horses, Laurie also works with riders of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, in the disciplines of dressage, jumping, and combined training.

As with horses, Laurie ensures that all of her human students have a solid base in the fundamentals and helps them learn to communicate confidently and effectively with their horses.  Many of her students, who rode for years before working with Laurie, have been surprised by gaps in their training that she has been able to fill in, helping them take their riding to the next level.

Laurie instructs riders in both dressage and jumping, tailoring her techniques to the rider's needs.  In any given lesson she may focus on the very basic to the much more subtle, with the goal of building a stronger partnership between horse and rider. 

Laurie also provides comprehensive horsemanship instruction
including basic horse care and grooming, tack selection, first aid,
clipping, grooming for shows and more.  And, if you are looking to buy, Laurie can provide experienced guidance to help you find the horse that is right for you.

As the testimonials below demonstrate, Laurie builds strong relationships with her students boosting their confidence and helping them become better riders.


"At 27, I decided to fulfill a childhood dream and learn to ride.  My first lesson with Laurie was, literally, my first time on a horse.  To say she was starting with a blank, and not-all-that-coordinated, slate would be an understatement!  (We laugh about that lesson now!)  In only 4 short years I have gone from riding sweet, old lesson horses, to Laurie's feisty Thoroughbreds.  (And now my own is in training with Laurie, of course!)  While I won't say that I'm ready for the Olympics, the other part of that childhood dream, I will say that I am amazed at the rider Laurie has helped me become.  The greatest thing about working with Laurie is the confidence she instills in you, this belief that you really can do it.  She pushes and challenges you, taking it just far enough that you walk away with a sense of accomplishment, not fear or discouragement. With no previous experience, I had no idea what to look for in a riding instructor, but I do know that I am incredibly fortunate and I believe I could not have chosen better if I had had decades of experience with horses.  Laurie is a friend, a mentor, and when I need it, my biggest cheerleader."

~Heather Malamisura, client since 2002

"After trying some other alternative instructors-- from Stanford Polo Club members to imported German trainers-- I realized that no one knew horses or me like Laurie. Not only did she manage to overcome the years of lackluster training that had ingrained in me bad habits and incorrect position, she knew what my thumb and my outside leg were doing from across the arena; she knew when to yell at me and when to tell me to breathe; she knew what I was capable of and helped me ride to meet my potential."

~Barbara Barath, client from 2000-2004 (hoping to add more years if she returns to the area)

"Laurie's lessons are special because her extreme sensitivity as a rider carries into her teaching; she rides each lesson like a horse, being firm when I need extra confidence, relaxed and soothing when I get too excited and tense. Her instruction is direct and precise, yielding immediate improvements in my riding.

The most important thing I've learned from Laurie is to always ride the horse. It seems to obvious, yet is usually the last thing on my mind when sitting on a half-ton animal with a mind of its own. I'm usually worrying about something silly like not running into trees or staying away from another horse in the ring. Things usually start deteriorating until I hear Laurie yell, 'Ride the horse!!!' Then I think, 'Oh duh,' and everything comes together perfectly."

~Albert Kuo, client since 2003

"I grew up riding as a kid for 8 years before I started riding with Laurie. Before meeting her, I had almost given up on finding a trainer who was a top-notch rider, knowledgeable about horse care, and ethical in the treatment of all horses and of my wallet. Laurie embodies all of these things, plus she's kind and caring and fun to be around. Many of us consider her a friend as well as instructor. My riding and horse-awareness has improved unbelievably through her teaching."

~Tanya Cheng, client since 2004

"I can't imagine how different I would be if Laurie hadn't been such a big part of my childhood. I barely remember the silent, shy, ten-year-old who started riding with Laurie back in 1998. She has helped me build my confidence and proved to me that I can do more than I think I can."

~Kaitlin McGill, client since 1998 (pictured to the right with Owen in 2001)

"I had never taken any dressage lessons and wanted to learn from someone who would teach me how to ride correctly the first time, as well as how to be safe. Laurie is always most concerned with doing what is right for your horse while making sure you are comfortable and able to respond quickly to any situation. What makes Laurie special is that she structures her lessons to each individual and therefore expects a lot from each student while maintaining a high level of patience and athleticism. She also happens to be half horse, which comes in handy!"

~Melissa Beauchamp, client since 2003